Managed DDoS Service

Depending on a provider, you will get either a DDoS mitigation service or website protection service. DDoS mitigation providers use private data centres and have equipment, technology and human resource to escape DoS and DDoS attacks. They are equipped with high bandwidth that can process inbound floods and keep websites available. They can actually handle all types of attacks from simple floods to those that take advantage of HTTP, FTP and other non-web applications. These services can operate as “always-on” which means that they will continually monitor your traffic for suspicious behavior and protect you from taking a big hit on the network when the DDoS attack strikes.

what happens during a ddos attack?

They provide stronger protection against costly site downtime. Alternatively, these services can operate “on-demand” which means, first and foremost, greater affordability and then, better performance. They use standard IP routing protocols to intercept incoming traffic and inspect it for anomalies. They do not, however, inspect the outgoing traffic but allow it to take its normal path. Legitimate traffic is forwarded-on after it has been identified as legitimate, and malicious traffic is – scrubbed. When using an on-demand service, your company must define when to activate this service, and contact the vendor to activate the service.

While always-on services are more expensive, and their continuous traffic inspection can, at times, degrade site performance, on-demand solutions can prove to be unable to detect attacks that occur over time and leave organisations exposed to attacks that focus on data theft or brand damage. So, both types of services have some potential advantages and challenges to consider.

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